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Semi-cured gel nail wraps are real gel nail polish that are partially cured.  Because they are not fully cured, they are flexible and stretchy, making them a perfect fit for all nail sizes with no wrinkles upon application.  Once applied, they are cured under a UV light.  The result is shiny, hard, perfectly curved nails just like liquid gel nail polish. Get salon quality gel nails without leaving the house.  Removal is just as simple - no soaking or harsh chemicals needed.    


  • Long lasting - up to 2 weeks  
  • Water resistant  
  • Thick and will not chip
  • Cures U-shaped, shiny, and hard 
  • Cruelty free & non-toxic
  • Easy to apply (no wrinkles) 
  • Easy to remove (removes in one piece)
  • Virtually odorless


  • 24 gel nail pieces (12 different sizes) to fit all 
  • Full instructions 
  • 2 cleaning prep pads
  • 1 wood tool 
  • 1 nail file


  • Prep nails - push cuticle back, buff nails to clean, wipe nails with included cleanser pad to remove any oil.
  • Match gel nail sizes to finger nails. 
  • Remove clear cover on gel nail piece. 
  • Apply to nail, making sure edges are firmly pressed down on sides and near cuticle line.   
  • Trim excess nail wrap with nail clipper or scissor.
  • Cure with UV lamp until gel wrap feels hard and smooth (about 1 to 2 minutes)
  • File to finish
  • Optional (but Recommended) - apply Top Coat Gel.  Applying Top Coat Gel requires curing nails again.


  • Apply two or three drops of removing serum at edge where nail meets skin.  If you do not have removing serum, you can make your own by mixing acetone and cuticle oil. 
  • Let solution sit on nails for a minute.  
  • Use included wood nail tool to lift gel sticker off nail.  Start from lower part of nail and work up towards nail tip.  For best results do this slow and steady.  If your gel sticker is still strongly bonded with your nail, apply additional serum between the gel sticker and nail and continue lifting gel nail off with wooden nail tool. 


  • KEEP GEL WRAPS AWAY FROM UV LIGHT!!! Applied best indoors away from windows.  Always try to keep the gel nails in the plastic casing and box for maximum protection from UV light. The nails will start to cure the instant they are exposed to UV light. When curing nails with UV lamp, be careful and don't expose unused pieces to the UV light.   
  • In-between gel nail sizes? Opt for a smaller gel sticker size over a larger one if you are in-between sizes.
  • Semi-cured gel nails are stretchable.  GENTLY stretch each to fit it to your finger or toe nail. 
  • Gel nails are more stretchy when warm.  For increased stretch, place over cup of warm water and let steam soften nail strips or warm nail strips in between the palms of your hands.  
  • Avoid sticking gel nail wraps on cuticle line or skin of fingers. This will cause the gellies to prematurely lift after application. 
  • Spend some time getting the edges pressed down well before curing. 
  • Gellies are good for 2 to 4 weeks once box is opened.  We recommend using any leftover gel nail pieces in 2 to 4 weeks for best results.